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It's time to start the blog and I chose "A thousand splendid suns" for the beginning, because it is one of my most favourite books and also because it is the english edition, which will make it a lot easier to speak english for me. The author's name is Khaled Hosseini, who is in fact my most favourite writer ever. It's his second book, his debut was made with "The Kite Runner" which became quite famous and was even published as a film. The story takes place in Afghanistan like in "The Kite Runner", but while Hosseini's firts book dealed with the life-stories of two men, "A thousand splendid suns" is a book about the women's life in Afghanistan. The story is told in third-person-narration (not like in "The Kite Runner" in first person) and has very emotional scenes, strong characters and a few very surprising twists. So after this little introduction I will give you a short summation about the story itself and, of course, the characters, which will happen in another entry. 

The main characters of "A thousand splendid suns" are two women, named Mariam and Laila. While Mariam was born as a bastard-girl and lost a mother because she commited suicide, Laila was born into a loving family until her two brothers died in war. Mariam is the older one. After the suicide of her mother, her father -who is a rich cinema owner and doesn't want to accept Mariam as his daughter in public- forces her to marry Rasheed, a man who is much older than Mariam and already once lost wife and son. He takes Mariam with him in his hometown, where she becomes pregnant after a while, but loses her child during a visit in the public baths. At this point the story makes a cut and jumps forward, to introduce Laila, who is born after this event. This part of the story tells about her childhood and her love to Tariq. As the war gets worse, Tariq and his family want to flee and he begs Laila to go with him, but she doesn't want to leave her parents and her mother refuses to leave the land her sons died for. In this night of parting, Tariq and Laila make love and as a result Laila gets pregnant. After her house is destroyed by a bomb and her parents die, Rasheed finds her and takes her with him. He marries Laila (by her own will), but Mariam doesn't like that young girl, even less, when Laila gives birth to a daughter, Aziza. But after a time, she finds sympathy for Laila and they become friends. It is indeed such a deep friendship that they protect each other against Rasheed, who is a extremly short-temperd person, even after Laila gives birth to a second child, the long wanted son, Zalmai. I will not tell the ending here, but will upload a summary of each chapter with feelings, thougts and a little bit of interpretation maybe. So this was it for once.

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Infohunt / Website (24.9.10 10:07)

nice idea to introduce books this way. Really appreciate it.

Best regards,


book-report (24.9.10 12:59)
Hello and thank you for your compliment. I'm happy to see that you like it. I will try to keep going.

Best wishes, book-report

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